About us

Welcome to Mortgage Synergy, where we pride ourselves on our variety of mortgage and protection services. Located in King’s Lynn, West Norfolk, a town full of vibrancy and years of history, our mission is simple—we put you first.

Our promise

Our team of expert mortgage and protection advisers aim to make the mortgage process as effortless as possible. We do this by putting you first, ensuring we always deliver high-quality professional services.

Let our experienced team be your partner on your mortgage journey. We’re committed to staying with you throughout the entire lifespan of your mortgage, with the aim of helping you achieve mortgage-free status as swiftly as possible.

Meet the people behind Mortgage Synergy

Ryan Bensley

Dale Farnham 

Kay Gayton

Tatiana Dring

Our story

Mortgage Synergy began in October 2023 by Ryan Bensley, after aspiring to bring a customer-focused approach to mortgages for more residents in King’s Lynn. And eventually, across the UK.

With 10 buy-to-let properties, Ryan knows the mortgage process inside out. An expert in his own right, Ryan’s expertise and first-hand knowledge of the industry afforded him a great opportunity to start Mortgage Synergy with confidence.

Before this, he began his career at PAB Mortgages in 2015 after training to become a mortgage adviser. It was here he discovered advising clients on mortgages was like second nature to him. 

After PAB Mortgages, Ryan took the leap and decided to go solo, alongside the help of a few of his colleagues from PAB.

Kay Gayton came along for the journey, operating under administrator and case manager bringing over 15 years experience in administration, office management & operations.

Dale Farnham, a previous customer relationship manager at Barclays Bank, also took the PAB route as a trainee mortgage adviser. He then joined Mortgage Synergy in October 2023, servicing an ever-expanding client base ever since.

Ever since, we’ve continued to grow both our internal team and client base to offer outstanding mortgage advice and protection services.

Who we help

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, remortgaging or looking to expand your small business, we’re dedicated to helping you find the best deal for the right price, saving you money at the same time as minimising stress. Our advisers are also equipped to manage remortgages, development projects and property investment. All whilst offering advice on protecting your investment too.

We know how exciting it is to get on the property ladder, especially if it’s your first home and you’re looking for many happy years to come in your new property. We celebrate all life milestones.

For business owners, we can help you to purchase a commercial mortgage which enables you to expand and continue doing what you love to do.

And sometimes it’s time to move on and relocate for your next adventure. So, if remortgaging is your next step, our advisers have years of experience managing this process for our clients.

We’re highly recommended

At Mortgage Synergy, we take pride in our strong client referral base, which showcases our quality advice and personalised, professional services we offer. Property, in all its forms, is a huge investment, so if you’re seeking the best mortgage deal money can buy and the very best service, we’re here to help.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey to becoming a property owner, we provide the same professional service across the business. We ensure your needs are met and you’re happy with the outcome.

We’ve got a strong mortgage advising process, with many happy clients having secured the right mortgage for their budget and circumstances. We aim to help you achieve mortgage-free status as swiftly as possible.