First Homes

House prices have skyrocketed over the last few decades, making it increasingly difficult for the average person to buy property. Backed by the government, first home schemes make home ownership more affordable for first time buyers.

Your path to homeownership with the First Homes Scheme

Introduced by the government in 2021, the first home scheme aims to help first time buyers and key workers get on the property ladder. For some, buying a home can often be out of reach due to the expense. But thanks to the scheme, getting the keys to your first home is made possible.

It enables you to save an enormous amount on a property. Most homes available through the scheme come with a discount of at least 30% off the market value. You may even get up to 50%.

How does the First Home Scheme work?

First home schemes allow you to buy a new-build property in your local area. Typically, estate agents and developers advertise these properties.

To be eligible for the first home scheme, you need to:

  • Be a first-time buyer
  • Buy in your local area with the intention of living in the property.

The scheme is open to every profession, but some take priority. If you’re a serving member or armed forces veteran, or a key worker (nurses, police, firefighters and teachers), your application is prioritised.

For a property to be eligible, it mustn’t exceed £250,000 (or £420,000 in London) after the discount.

new build house in the UK

Applying for the First Homes Scheme

Applying for the first home scheme often works like this:

  • You contact the estate agent or developer to enquire about the property
  • You then complete your application and pay a reservation fee for new-build applications (the sum is refunded if you’re unsuccessful)
  • The local council assesses your application to ensure you’re eligible
  • You’ll then receive a decision.

Some developers offer potential buyers further incentive to buy a property alongside the government-backed scheme. Incentives may include free goods or cashback.