Had a pay rise this year? Want to pay off a larger amount on your mortgage? Thinking about a kitchen revamp? Just a few common reasons why you might decide to remortgage. Whatever the reason, we’re on hand to help remortgaging your property.

Our Remortgage Process

Our expert remortgage advisers will ensure everything runs like clockwork. We’re the best at what we do, so leave the legwork to us.

Our experts will:

  • Identify if a remortgage is in your best interests
  • Assess your financial situation
  • Compare all UK lenders on your behalf
  • Break down remortgage documentation to ensure you understand the T&Cs
  • Explain the costs
  • Inform you of any early repayment charges or exit fees
  • Provide a recommendation and explain why we think a provider is right for you.

We’ll support you during the entire process and answer any questions you have. Whether we start arranging your remortgage over the phone or you pop into the office, we want you to be confident and happy with your decision to remortgage.

Your remortgage options

Remortgaging is different for everyone. There’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, since every client we provide advice to is unique.

So, making the decision to remortgage shouldn’t be made lightly. Just like when you applied for your first secured loan, your dedicated adviser will assess your situation. As you’ll be borrowing more money, it’s essential you make a smart, informed choice, which is where our remortgage advisers take centre stage.

Considering a switch from an interest-only mortgage to a repayment mortgage? We can do that for you. Want to secure a bigger loan to cover your dream bathroom renovation? Leave it to us. Our remortgage advisers will search the UK market so you don’t have to. We’ll play matchmaker and find you the right remortgage for the most competitive price.

Is a remortgage right for you?

Many of the best mortgages only last a short period—typically between 2 and 5 years. At the time of taking out your first mortgage, it was likely set at a competitive fixed rate. You may even have received a discount as a first-time-buyer. While these perks are great, the term of your secured loan may change at the end of your contract.

Your monthly payments may increase, which is why homeowners come to us near the end of their mortgage. You can sit down with one of our remortgage advisers and we’ll explain the options available. We’ll compare the UK lender market on your behalf to help ensure your repayments remain at an affordable and competitive price. 

There are plenty of reasons to remortgage. It might be that:

  • You’d like to save money on your monthly repayments
  • You want to borrow more for home improvements
  • You want a better rate
  • Your property has significantly increased in value
  • You’re worried about increasing interest rates.

Whatever your reason, our team of advisers has first-hand experience managing remortgages.

Did you know our mortgage advisory service also covers protection? We recommend buying insurance to protect your mortgage should you be unable to repay your monthly instalments. Life can throw curve balls at us, and if for any reason you can’t earn an income to cover your mortgage, you’ll need financial protection.

We don’t want you to pay more than you have to

Did your first mortgage lender set a fixed rate you couldn’t ignore? Or offer you a discount as a first-time-buyer? Such perks may not be applicable for a remortgage. It’s possible for monthly repayments to change due to increased interest rates and other economic factors.

At the end of your first-time-buyer mortgage, lenders are likely to switch you to their Standard Variable Rate (SVR), which typically comes with a significant price hike. Homeowners get in touch with us when their mortgage is close to its finish line and they want to avoid expensive SVRs.

As experts in the remortgaging space, we keep up-to-date with the UK property market and the potential impact of changing economic factors. We’re financially savvy, so we’ll calculate the costs and determine if you’re getting a good remortgage deal or not.

It’s important to get remortgage advice, not just to ensure you get the best price for your budget, but also to check if it suits your needs. Your circumstances may have changed since you took out your first mortgage, and as such, your requirements might have changed too.

Get in touch for all your remortgage needs

We’ll analyse your current deal and compare its terms with mortgages on offer from all UK lenders. We’ll take into account any significant life changes and your finances.

We provide regulated mortgage advice in King’s Lynn, and our dedicated remortgage advisers are here to ensure you make the right decision. Whether you want to switch lenders entirely or sign a new deal with your current lender, we want you to be confident in your decision.

The team at Mortgage Synergy is accredited by the FCA, so you’re in safe hands. It’s on us to find you a remortgage! Get in touch and we’ll make it our mission to ensure you’re happy with the outcome.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.